Team Evolution

Specialists in the development of strategies, individuals and teams so they are ready for the execution of high performance projects. Change agents with a focus on innovation and executive culture.


Are you ready to evolve?

In order not to be swept away by obsolescence, it is vital that we question some of our fundamental assumptions on a regular basis. Simply put: in order for nothing to change, something has to change.

What do we do?

Seeing capability beyond the obvious. We are dedicated to bringing flexibility back to a project, organization, team or individual so that they can make high-impact, sustainable change.

We firmly believe in co-creating the necessary solutions together with the customer. Envision a new direction, explore a new business model, implement a new product strategy, re-evaluate internal processes and align the teams involved behind the organization’s objectives.

From both a tactical and strategic level, we seek to revitalize the ability to generate value by implementing a robust discovery and execution processes.


How can we evolve?

We offer a full spectrum of tools and methodologies for the development of projects, organizations, teams and individuals. Effective on their own, exponential as a whole.


We accompany the client in the development of a new strategy and the addoption of it in a changed environment.

We help reframe the organization’s vision to guide processes, products and ideas in the most valuable and interesting direction possible, either by gaining clarity on the current objective, or by discovering a new optimal direction.

Through analysis, design and strategy validation techniques, we provide greater clarity on the project objective and implement solutions to align resources in the most compatible way.



We help our clients to build sustainable innovation processes through which they can redesign themselves and face the developments in their environment today or tomorrow.

By transforming processes, products and ideas, we generate avenues of change that allow us to reorient the aspects of the company. To adapt to a dynamic ecosystem.

Through this analysis of inputs and outputs, we propose a scenario in which change and the need to innovate have not only context, but also an intrinsic raison d’être within the organization’s strategy.



We connect Strategy with Execution by implementing the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) methodology helping our clients to keep their teams focused by measuring what really matters.

With OKRs we align the efforts of an entire organization behind a common focus, connecting critical day-to-day actions with the organization’s purpose and its most ambitious objectives.



We assist the client in the development of executive capabilities to focus energy and attention on the critical tasks of a project, increasing the effectiveness of the human component to optimize its performance.

We assess the needs of each group and its member to offer concrete solutions in terms of the change necessary to cultivate healthy habits and a structure of discipline when it comes to work.

By exhaustively monitoring the professionals within the organization, we can steer the project culture towards new horizons where execution and performance are paramount.



We are a diverse team, with different experiences and backgrounds, which allows us to approach each project from a double perspective: from the analysis and from the emphasis on human performance.

Juan Campero

Ontological and Sports Coach

Connie Landi

Corporate & Personal Coach

José Lassalle

Consultant/Coach Analyst (OKR)

Peter Sonderegger

Strategy Consultant and co-founder of Strategyzer

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